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Did you know that the term ‘arts and crafts’ was coined as late as the closing years of the nineteenth century? There are many reasons that motivated this terminology. One of those motivations was as a counter to the dramatic evolutions of the First Industrial Revolution. While many more products were being built by steam-powered machines, there were still those talismanic folks struggling to keep up with the pace of change.

These were the folks who had been making so many nice things by hand. The list is long. Anything from dyed in the wool fabrics to ceramic pottery and you have got the picture. Today, it is now the turn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By now most readers here need very little introduction to this. And thankfully, there are still those lovely artisans and artists who are still crafting beautiful looking objects for practical everyday use.

online craft store

But to keep up with the pace of this latest revolution is hard going. One thing that could be said about 4IR is that it is driving more and more people away from the weekend arts and crafts market. What a poor pity this is. Talented men and women seem to be losing out. And customers do not know what they are missing. But it turns out that the 21st century paradigms have become something of a blessing in disguise.

Yes, you are so right. Not being able to get to the Sunday morning market on time, you can now go direct to the online craft store and browse for something that you might need and tickles your fancy. Here you will be able to buy your functional fabrics for every single room of the house, as well as your patio space.